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Hello people of the world! Happy Christmas Eve! Tonight at Chaplin’s Cellar Bar in Boscombe I shall be playing a set followed by a wonderful evening of poetry from my dad, live tunes from Not Made In China and the incredible Mutant Vinyl and the best beats by DJ Fritter and DJ Connie! So come on down and break into Christmas at the Cellar Bar. I’ll be selling copies of the all new ‘Skish!’ album and playing tracks from it old and new. I can’t wait to see you all there!



Taken from the “Skish!” release show at Chaplin’s Cellar Bar where I will be playing again this Christmas Eve.

So it’s been a long while since my last update and a lot seems to have happened. Basically, to start with, I’m back in Bournemouth. Last night I played a show at Chaplin’s Cellar Bar in Boscombe and released a new album. It’s called “Skish!” The album is available on CD at gigs and hopefully will be on iTunes and stuff fairly soon. I’ll only be selling it at gigs for a while unfortunately but I may be able to branch out to some of Bournemouth’s small record stores (Rose Red and Flat 13). In other news, I will be playing at the Cellar Bar again this month on Christmas Eve supporting the fantastic Mutant Vinyl along with the amazing Not Made In China. As often with the Cellar Bar, it’s a free show so come along with all your fiends and family for a Christmas show unlike any other. So, to summarise, what you should do now is; go and tell all your friends how desperately you must all go to the Christmas Eve gig, listen to the new tracks from the album, gather up your homies, get down to the Cellar Bar, buy the album and have a great time!

"Skish!" album cover

“Skish!” album cover

So the bad news is that I cut a song from the EP because I moved to London before I could work things out with Martin from Powdered Cows (my fault entirely), also I didn’t really like the song I’d written much and I didn’t want to to give you guys bad music. The good news is that the EP has now been released and, due to being shorter than planned, I’ve released it as a free download from my soundcloud account (just click on the music tab to be redirected). I very much hope that you guys enjoy it, it’s a bit more weird and electronic in places than anything I’ve done before. As with all of these free EPs this is sort of just me warming up to something and deciding how I want myself to sound in the future so any feedback is welcome, just leave me a post on my facebook page and let me know what you think.

Okay people, some exciting stuff will be coming your way soon. The “I’m A Fucking Time Lord” EP is so damn close to being finished it hurts. All I have to do is sort out the last song, “Bow Ties Are Cool” which will feature Martin Roberts from the legendary Powdered Cows. There’s a clip of one of the songs, called “The Asylum”, up on the Sound Cloud page (just click on the music section on this website to be linked to it), along with the EP’s title track in full. Also, I have decided to begin work on another EP after this, which I will hopefully be recording somewhere reasonably professional. This EP will probably be about 4 or 5 tracks long and will include a new version of “Sinking Ship” and my old song “What Happened?” which I used to use in some of my older projects. Alongside this EP, I will hopefully be recording a few weird covers of songs that I love and making videos which include tracks from the EP and these covers in a sort of extended music video. I’m having some big ideas at the moment and I’m really looking forward to sharing them with you all! I’m actually in the middle of writing lyrics for a new song called “Head Off” which is going really well. Anyway, sorry about the overexcited post but this is all very exciting for me. I’ll keep you all updated, have wonderful lives!

Good evening to you all. So the EP is well on its way and will, hopefully, be out in time for the 15th of June. I’ve finished writing the tracks and I’ve started on the programming of the first one. Also a nice new little bit of info, Martin Roberts of the incredible Powdered Cows will be joining me on the last track of the EP “Bow Ties Are Cool” and so I’m going to try and sort out a music video for that one. Anyway, I hope you are well, dear reader, and I shall return with further information as soon as there is some.

So I’ve decided to release yet another EP! This one shall be entirely based around Doctor Who, just to get away from the slightly depressing stuff I’ve been doing lately. It’s gonna be 4 tracks and it’ll be called I’m A Fucking Time Lord! More info on that soon.

So the new Self Indulgence EP is now available as a free download on Soundcloud as my contribution to Record Store Day. I’ll be giving away physical CD copies of the EP on Monday at the gig. For anyone who still doesn’t know, my first live show will be this coming Monday at the Cellar Bar in Boscombe at 9PM. I hope to see you all there and that you enjoy the EP.

People of the international web of virtual connectivity! I bring marvellous news! I shall be playing my first ever live show as The New Déjacque on the 22nd April at the Cellar Bar in Boscombe. It’ll be free entry, 18+ and I shall have physical copies of the new EP to hand out for free. Also, in other news, the Self Indulgence EP is well on it’s way to being finished and it’ll be released as a download 2 days before the gig as my contribution to Record Store Day. I hope to see you all (yes all 7 billion of you) at the show!

On the 20th April it is record store day. My plan is to release a new 3 track EP as a free download and a CD give away at gigs. The EP will be called “Self Indulgence” and will include 2 new original tracks and a cover of “Mirror In The Bathroom” by The Beat. At least, this is what I’m hoping for. If I don’t manage to release it in time for record store day then I’ll try and make up for it somehow.